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Do you offer Flash programming?

Yes, we offer Flash website programming but do not prefer it for our customer's benefits. Flash is very cool, very dynamic and a lot of fun - but the main problem is that search engines, even Google, are not able to index pure Flash websites. If your site is not indexable, then it's not searchable. If it's not searchable then the rankings are typically poor and can be very difficult to obtain.

It is true that newer technology is allowing Flash sites to work off of DHTML files, which makes some of the content accessible for indexing, but it's still not a strong enough environment for the best search engine positioning.

We also offer a lot of CMS options and CMS-controlled Flash still has a way to go before it's super user-friendly. We've tested several newer CMS Flash programs (Flash Moto, Flashblocks) and we're just not impressed enough to entrust our client's sites or search engine optimization potential with them. Even Adobe, the developers of Flash, have discontinued servicing the product.

There are other more user-friendly, and search engine friendly, methods of achieving dynamic design and look within websites. Let us show you!

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