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We originally built multiple websites for Linda that were simple and performed really well with the search engines. As her golf instruction business grew she realized she needed more complicated dynamic functions for - like having separate areas for students to login and view their live lessons; being able to point-click-easy add lessons, drills and change other content such as her golf video training; but still have great search engine rankings. We were able to leave her current sites up while installing CMS Ultima seamlessly in the backend and convert her older pages to work with the new system, and allow her to add additional content on the fly - even while on the road or on the golf course. The solution worked extremely well for her as she has complete editorial control over her site; and is actually increasing her search rankings automatically over the previous ones while she continuously adds new content.

Her students love the ability to review their golf lessons online any time they want, check in for when their next appointments are, and share information with golfer friends - they can even print an instant PDF or view their lessons on their mobile phones and tablets..

Verified Search Engine Ranking Results

Please view these screen-captures of just some of the simply tremendous search engine results we were able to achieve for Linda Edwards of LetItFlyGolf!. It is by no means exhaustive or a comprehensive picture of the total performance we were able to achieve with our SEO processes.

The following are Organic search results (traditional non-paid) and were accurate as of Thursday, April 1st, 2010 - the posting date of the information.
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Bing - "Golf Coach Grants Pass"
#1 out of 272,000 listings
Bing - "Certified Professonal Golf Coach"
#4 out of 2,720,000 global listings
Google - "Golf Coach Southern Oregon"
#1 out of 118,000 listings
Google - "Golf Teacher Grants Pass"
#1 , but the other top results all relate to her site too!
Google - "Certified Golf Instructor"
#8 out of 820,000 global listings
Google - "Certified Professional Golf Instructor"
#5 out of 622,000 global listings
Google - "Professional Female Golf Instructor"
#4 out of 881,000 global listings

*Note: We can not guarantee top organic placement for all sites for all keyword sets - but we do guarantee to use all the working knowledge and seo techniques we have available to obtain the best legitimate results possible - with honesty and integrity.

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