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Maia Kincaid, Ph.D. - Learn to Listen to Your Pet - Animal Communicator - Develop Intuition - Personal and Business Success - Sedona - Arizona - 86340 - Client Portfolio

Portfolio:Maia Kincaid, Ph.D. |

"I cannot say enough about the fantastic experience I have had and the results I am experiencing with my websites."

Maia has multiple sites and chose to work with us purely for Search Engine Optimization. An initial SEO analysis showed that although her site has great, relevant content and that some SEO work had already been performed there were many key areas that were missed and quite a few opportunities for improvement that needed to be taken advantage of. This is why her search results were extremely poor, virtually non-existent. We provided the details of our analysis and a plan for improving her search engine rankings, especially with Google, and she accepted.

We followed the plan and added a few more impact points for her and within weeks of our resubmission to the search engines Maia's sites and are taking their rightful deserved places in the search engine rankings. In fact, she has top keyword rankings against millions of competing sites.

Verified Search Engine Ranking Results

Please view these screen-captures of just some of the simply tremendous search engine results we were able to achieve for Maia Kincaid, Ph.D. It is by no means exhaustive or a comprehensive picture of the total performance we were able to achieve with our SEO processes.

The following are Organic search results (traditional non-paid) and were accurate as of Friday, April 2nd, 2010 - the posting date of the information.
[click on a thumbnail to view a larger image]
Bing - "Hear Your Pet"
#1 out of 38,400,000 global listings
Google - "Hear Your Animal"
#1 out of 29,900,000 global listings
Bing - "Hear Your Animal"
#2 out of 59,600,000 global listings
Google - "Listen To Your Pet"
#2 out of 13,000,000 global listings Filename: searchresults_maia1.jpg
Bing - "Listen To Your Pet"
#2 out of 30,300,000 global listings
Google - "Communication with Animals and Plants"
#1 out of 1,240,000 global listings
Bing - "Communication with Animals and Plants"
#20 out of 21,800,000 global listings
Google - "Learn to Listen to Your Pet"
#1 out of 920,000 global listings
Google - "How to Listen to Your Pet"
#4 out of 12,400,000 global listings
Bing - "Learn How to Listen to Your Pet"
#1 out of 21,300,000 global listings
Bing - "Intuitive Communicator"
#7 out of 524,000 global listings
Google - "Hear Your Pet"
#1 out of 23,000,000 global listings

*Note: We can not guarantee top organic placement for all sites for all keyword sets - but we do guarantee to use all the working knowledge and seo techniques we have available to obtain the best legitimate results possible - with honesty and integrity.

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Meet Maia Kincaid - Animal Communicator
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