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Recommendation from Maia Kincaid |

Company: Maia Kincaid, Ph.D.

"I cannot say enough about the fantastic experience I have had and the results I am experiencing with my websites."

Terry Conrad is the first person I have met that learned marketing and SEO before site development so he actually builds a site from the marketing standpoint of the optimized site to best present products and services and connect in the marketplace. There are so many wonderful designers that know how to make a beautiful site but not how to market a website. I love Terry's way of building the optimization right into the design and having that be the foundation of the website. In working with him he asked many questions about my business and how it works and what my goals were. This helped him know how to best help me, but I also ended up having even more clarity about my purpose and what I feel passionate about. I cannot say enough about the fantastic experience I have had in working with Terry and the results I am experiencing with my websites.

When I think about working with Terry Conrad I instantly think of someone with integrity, who’s responsible, understanding, has excellent communication skills, and is a great person one you would want for a friend. I've never met him in person. He lives in Oregon and I live in Arizona, but hope to meet him and his family one of these days. I would be happy to talk with anyone that has questions about my experience in working with Terry and feel so good about recommending him to others wanting to build fantastic websites fully optimized or who want to optimize the websites they have.

Maia Kincaid

Maia Kincaid, Ph.D.
Sedona, Arizona

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